Recent Short Films

Meet some of the pioneers who vaccinated the people of a Hertfordshire, UK town

Year of production: 2021. Running Time:4.20 min

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Radio Manchester 50 Cover.jpg


Listen to a two-part audio podcast

featuring four members of BBC Radio Manchester's original staff team

Radio Manchester 50 Podcast ONE
00:00 / 24:12
BBC Radio Manchester is 50 Podcast TWO
00:00 / 33:14

Travel to the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva with Revd Susannah. Made for the Diocese of St Albans 'Take Your Vicar to the Lab' scheme

Year of production: 2020. Running Time: 13.30 min

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Meet Geoff who knows more about bees than I ever will. His lovely garden in Hertfordshire was a great place to learn something about his skills and interest.

Year of production: 2019. Running Time: 7:30 min

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Join Sheila on the ride of a lifetime as she remembers a lifetime of riding

Year of production: 2019. Running Time: 2.49 min

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Be there as two brothers meet after life times apart

Year of production: 2019. Running Time: 13.32 min

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